Classic Canadian Songs from Smithsonian Folkways

research: Brenda Dalen

writing: Brenda Dalen

editing: Michael Frishkopf

translation: Nicole Giguère

photography: Grant W. Martin, photos of Sam Gesser

(courtesy of Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame/ Panthéon des Auteurs et Compositeurs Canadiens)

Album: Classic Canadian Songs from Smithsonian Folkways (SFW40539, 2006)

Compiled and annotated by Brenda Dalen

Research assistance by Allison Fairbairn

Photos courtesy of Glenbow Archives, front cover; pps. 5, 10, 22, and 23

City of Edmonton Archives, pps. 11 and 24

Canada Science & Technology Museum, back cover; pps. 16 and 21

Smithsonian Folkways

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Digital transfers by Pete Reiniger and Sue Frye

Production supervised by Daniel Sheehy and D. A. Sonneborn

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Editorial assistance by Carla Borden

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Special thanks to R. Gary Kachanoski, Vice- President, Research, University of Alberta, for his vision, support, and championing of folkwaysAlive! Thanks to Margaret Asch; Michael Asch; Henry Bishop; Eugene Burnstick; Arshi Chetal; Gary Cristall; Eric Dalen family; Simone Gareau; Sam Gesser; Theresa Goffinet; Ken Hildebrand; Philip Hiscock; John Huck; Arthur P. Hughes; Jessica Keyes; Rick Krofchek; Denise Lambert; Leena Lambert; Carmen Loconte; G. Garry MacDonald; Frank Martens; Veronica Pacheco; Andie Palmer; Florence Peyachew; Lionel Peyachew; Leonard Ratzlaff; Allyson Rogers; Emily Sewepagaham; Sherryl Sewepagaham; Garry Shutlak; Ralph Stanton; Apollonia Steele; Carl Urion; James Whittle; Archives and Special Collections, University of Calgary Library; Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia; Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology, University of Alberta; Canadian Museum of Civilization; Department of Music, University of Alberta; Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta; Music Library, University of Alberta; Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management; Rare Books and Special Collections, University of British Columbia Library; Royal Canadian Artillery Band.