Classic Canadian Songs from Smithsonian Folkways

"The Black Fly Song," written in 1949 by singer-songwriter Wade Hemsworth (1916–2002), was inspired by Hemsworth's encounters with the pesky black fly while working as a surveyor in northern Ontario, Québec, and Labrador. The National Film Board of Canada's animated short Blackfly (Mouches noires) was nominated for an Academy Award in 1992. The other Hemsworth song on Classic Canadian Songs from Smithsonian Folkways, "The Land of the Muskeg (and the Shining Birch Tree)," reveals the mindset of men unable to relinquish the solitude and freedom of life in the bush.
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Folk Songs of the Canadian North Woods (FW06821, 1955)

Folk Songs of the Canadian North Woods (FW06821, 1955)

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