Classic Canadian Songs from Smithsonian Folkways

Kenneth Peacock (1922–2000) recorded two important Cree singers at the Red Pheasant First Nation, near North Battleford, Saskatchewan. William Peaychew (1900–60), a respected singer-drummer and song-maker, sings a traditional "Cree Greeting Song" (also known as the "Shaking Hands Song") now heard mainly at Christmas and New Year's get-togethers. William Burn Stick (ca. 1900–72), a member of the Alexander First Nation (near Morinville, Alberta) sings the "Cree Prisoner's Song," made by George or Samuel Desjarlais, who were both hanged for murder in 1944. The words combine spiritually meaningful vocables and words that speak of enjoying life in the face of death. Both Peaychew and Burn Stick accompany themselves with the heartbeat drum pattern characteristic of the Cree tradition.
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Indian Music of the Canadian Plains (FW04464, 1955)

Indian Music of the Canadian Plains (FW04464, 1955)

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