Local Culture and Diversity on the Canadian Prairies

Many different immigrant groups have contributed to the culture of Canada. Beginning in the 1890s, large numbers of immigrants from Europe came to Canada. They brought with them the traditions of their homelands. This site includes interviews with people of Ukrainian, French, German, and English heritage who came to Canada before 1939 and settled on the prairies.

1. Using the search function, locate an interview that you want to listen to for this activity. Your teacher may ask you to search for an interview from a specific immigrant group, or assign a specific interview, or ask you to work with other students in a group.
2. Create jot notes as you listen to the interview.
3. Try to answer these questions:

  • Why did the interview subject want to come to Canada?
  • Did Canada expect the interview subject to give up his/her cultural traditions?
  • How did the interview subject participate in and contribute to traditional cultural activities in Canada?
  • How did the interview subject contribute to Canadian identity?

Your teacher may ask you to compare your findings with those of other students.