Gilbert Anderson, Northern Alberta Métis Fiddler
Gilbert Anderson was a prominent twentieth century Métis fiddler. His fiddling reflects the Aboriginal and Francophone origins of his heritage.
1. Read the narrative and play the audio and video clips.
2. In spite of attempts to assimilate the Métis people, they have maintained their cultural traditions. Explain in your own words the origins of Métis cultural traditions. Why were Métis people pressured to give up these traditions? How have they Métis people maintained these traditions? Make reference to Métis fiddling in your answer. Include links to Internet resources that support the points you are making.
The following Web sites provide information that will assist you in completing this activity.
Histori!ca Foundation, Youth Encyclopedia, Search Métis
The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture
Geocities / The diverse culture of the Métis nation